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San Tan Historical Society

Welcome to San Tan Historical Society. We are totally committed to preserving and restoring the long history of our San Tan Valley. At the same time, we are completely focused on educating you about the long history of Chandler Heights, Higley, Combs, and Queen Creek Communities of San Tan Valley. Our museum is located on the Southeast corner of Ellsworth and Queen Creek Roads in Queens Creek, AZ. Every day it is publicly open, and every Saturday, we offer a free-of-charge public visit from 9 am to 1 pm.

Over the last few years, the San Tan Historical Society Museum has become one of the popular places to visit in San Tan Valley for both travelers and locals. Every visitor is offered to enjoy the new spectacular displays with the expert assistance of our volunteers. Besides that, they are encouraged to visit the gift shop for the unique gifts that will make their San Tan Valley trip truly unforgettable. In addition, we are happy to provide endless opportunities for Eagle Scout projects. If needed, we will also arrange tours for all the tourists who want to explore the long history of our San Tan Valley.

About San Tan Valley

Just about an hour driveway from Phoneix, the beautiful San Tan Valley is one of the fastest-growing communities that offers a young and affluent population of 96,692 as of the census of 2020. Although the community is diverse in ethnicity and religion, it shares a common desire to become a safe, healthy, educated as well as a family-oriented community. As a result, every San Tan resident is committed to investing in the quality of life to make their desire possible.

At the same time, this beautiful valley offers a long list of amenities, including the availability of thousands of beautifully customized homes, large acreage lots, amazing sunsets and sunrises, dark skies, easy access to beautiful biking and hiking trails, a superb educational and health system, as well as a fast-growing business community. In addition, San Tan Valley features a long list of tourist attractions, including:

  • San Tan Historical Society Museum
  • Queen Creek Botanical Gardens
  • San Tan Mountain Regional Park
  • Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre
  • Mansel Carter Oasis Park
  • Schnepf Farms
  • Founder’s Park Splash Pad
  • Arizona Railway Museum
  • And many more

So, San Tan Valley has all the potential to become an ideal place to visit and explore its long history and enjoy the scenic beauty with the warm hospitality of the San Tan community.

History of San Tan Valley

Historically, it is believed that San Tan Valley gets its name from the nearby San Tan Mountain. However, the origin of the name “San Tan” is still a matter of debate. Prior to 2000, this place was eventually a land consisting of undeveloped desert and agriculture covered by the San Tan Mountains. So this place carries its route of a long history. As a result, the evidence of ancient humans is present all over the mysterious San Tan Mountains.

Besides that, you can find lots of preserved rock plies that provide the evidence of sustainable lifestyle of 500 some odd- odd years ago. Till now, mystery has remained a common theme for this beautiful valley. San Tan Historical Society is totally committed to supporting the common human nature of exploring all the mysteries by preserving and restoring its long history.    

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact San Tan Historical Society as early as possible.