Since its establishment in 1990, the San Tan Historical Society has been totally committed to preserving and restoring the long history of our San Tan Valley. At the same time, we are completely focused on educating you about the long history of our San Tan Valley. We are already on a mission of creating successful partnerships with the local community so that we can promote our vision and values through them. At San Tan Historical Society, we have a small family of dedicated volunteers with clear objectives, operational initiatives, and sound decisions to ensure our continued success.

One of our historical landmarks at San Tan Valley is Rittenhouse School, where the San Tan Historical Society Museum is now located. On the very first day, we registered ourselves in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) nomination process, and our application was finally approved in 1998. Further, we signed an agreement with the Queen Creek School District to authorize them to take charge of its preservation and restoration in 1994. Today, we are happy to actively collaborate with the local San Tan community to provide our value-added services. Besides that, we cover the following principal areas:

  • Collect, preserve, document, and display the histories and artifacts of our San Tan Valley Community
  • Policy work related to academic research and education
  • Advocacy about the history of San Tan valley
  • Hosting historical events showcasing new research
  • Publishing of monthly journals to educate you about the long history of San Tan valley
  • And many more

So, San Tan Historical Society is predominantly working as a voluntary organization with revolving council members offering dedicated service to ensure the smooth running, development, and success of our organization. San Tan Historical Society consists of a body of 10 officers, each of whom serves a four-year tenure for working. Let’s introduce our officers at San Tan Historical Society.

Our Officers

  • Ms. Susan Scott, Director
  • Ms. Robbie Snyder, Director
  • Ms. Alicia Santiago, Director
  • Mrs. Gloria Greer, Director
  • Mrs. Dana Johanson, Treasurer
  • Mr. Tom Alberti, Vice President
  • Mr. Ron Hunkler, Director
  • Mr. Keith Johanson, President
  • Mr. Jim Britton, Secretary
  • Mr. Dave Salge, Director

However, San Tan Historical Society is governed by its by-lawsAny revision to the by-laws is made, upon approval, at the San Tan Historical Society’s Annual General Meeting. The most recent update to the by-laws was implemented in the last annual general meeting of November 2021.

Our Mission

It is our mission at San Tan Historical Society to collect, preserve, document, and display the long histories and artifacts of our San Tan Valley, including Chandler Heights, Higley, Combs, and Queen Creek Communities. At the same time, our mission is to facilitate the items and to encourage as well as educate people to learn about our past history. This actually helps them to respect and participate in the conservation of our glorious past history. If you have any queries about the San Tan Historical Society, its work, or its website, please contact the San Tan Historical Society Office at 20425, S. Ellsworth Road, Queens Creek, AZ, or call us directly at 480-987-9380.