History of Chandler Heights Community

The Chandler Height Community was founded by Dr. Aleander John Chandler, the first veterinary surgeon for our territory of Arizona, on the 16th of May, 1912. In fact, Dr. A.J. Chandler bought 80 acres of land in the Salt River valley from the federal government of Mesa in 1891. At that time, Dr. Chandler had completed his study on the relatively new science of irrigation engineering and was particularly interested in building an early system of canals in Chandler Heights, which was then an arid desert.

So, he started the Salt River Project with the aim of providing enough water to irrigate the acres of agricultural land in Chandler Heights. Within a short span of time,  Dr. Chandler became a happy owner of an 18,000-acre ranch. During this time, he sought the help and assistance of the country’s notable architects and planners in subdividing his ranch and creating a townsite map so that he could advertise the sale of Chandler Ranch sites nationally.

Finally, on 17th May 1920, De. Chandler inaugurated the townsite office for the Chandler Ranch sites. Approximately 3000 speculators arrived on that special day in a special excursion train on the newly built Arizona Eastern Railroad and spent over $50,000 for land in Chandler Ranch sites. Within the first year of its first land sale, Chandler had become to look like a planned and established town in Arizona. And this was possible due to Dr. Chandler’s ambitious plan of building a perfect town that was well ahead of time. Businesses continued to build along the south and west sides of the central park as per his vision.

At the same time, Dr. Chandler built the San Marcos Hotel at the northwest corner of Commonwealth Avenue and San Marcos Place. The hotel was named in the memory of Fray Marcos de Niza, the first-ever European to enter the Salt River Valley of Chandler Heights in 1512. The grand opening of this famous hotel took place on 22nd November 1913. Various high-profile guests, including Vice President Thomas Marshall and Governor George P. Hunt, were present at the inauguration ceremony. And the hotel tasted an immediate success by welcoming thousands of wealthy visitors from all over the country every winter.

However, agriculture was still then the main economic foundation of Chandler Heights Community. Farmers were happy to harvest the cotton, grains, and alfalfa as the primary crops. At the same time, they also raised sheep, cattle, and, most importantly, ostriches. At that time, ostrich feathers were used as an important feminine fashion statement. So, the place became famous for high-quality cotton and ostrich feathers.

During the time of the First World War, there was a high demand for long-staple cotton for the production of aircraft fabrics and rubber tires. As a result, Renowned tire company Goodyear leased approximately 8,000 acres of land from the Chandler Improvement Company and built the town of Goodyear on the southern side of the modern Chandler town. By 1920, Chandler had a population of more than 1000 residents. During the Second World War, the population doubled and reached approximately 3,800 by 1950. Finally, the status of Chandler was upgraded to city from town on 24th May 1954. Nowadays, the borders of this city have been far extended, and approximately more than 240,000 people live happily in Chandler. Although agriculture still remains a vital element of Chandler’s economy, the place currently enjoys a strong electronics and manufacturing sector.