History of Queen Creek Community

There is no doubt that agriculture and the bounty of fertile land play an important role in supporting the foundation upon which Queen Creek builds its future. The fertile valley of Queen Creek is situated just below the San Tan Mountains. Since the early days, this place was a safe haven for early Indian communities who farmed and ranched along Queen Creek valley.

However, when Arizona was declared a state in 1912, the establishment of the true Queen Creek community started to form.  Residents were happy to establish traditions of neighborliness along with the rural fun. They continued to gather in different community gathering in different community gathering places to establish traditions of neighborliness along with the rural fun. From street dance to sleeping under the stars during the summer, many of the town’s founding families still remember the unforgettable memories of those days. Let’s take a look at some of the rich history!

Queen Creek has a rich history of celebrating the 4th of July celebration. Many founding residents of this town still remember how the local farmers Raymond and Thora Schnepf invited all the community residents to enjoy the 4th of July celebration with swimming, fireworks, and barbecue at their homes. Besides that, they still remember the days when a railroad switch was present at Ellsworth and Rittenhouse roads, and they used to flag down a train for a ride towards Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, or Tucson.

Throughout the 1920s, Queen Creek experienced significant growth of immigrants as more and more workers from Mexico shifted to this place to work as miners in different mines in Southern Arizona. At the same time, they were also involved in harvest action of the local cotton crops by hand until the cotton gin arrived at Queen Creek during the 1920s. Besides that, a large group of German prisoners of war from the P.O.W camp in this town joined farm laborers in local fields along with the Philippine immigrants.

So the community might be diverse in ethnicity and culture, but it sought to preserve the friendly, small-town spirit while providing economic and recreational opportunities and high quality of life. Nowadays, Queen Creek is preparing to welcome new additions to its rich cultural diversity. Since the 1980s, the borders of this city have been far extended, and approximately more than 52,162 people live happily in Queens Creek town.

However, Queen Creek is still very young and only 32 years old. Of course, the town was around much longer than that, but it was incorporated to form the Queen Creek Town in 1989. Since its incorporation on 5th September 1989, the Town of Queen Creek has been committed to preserving the benefits of rural life by providing an avenue for managed change. As a result,  Queen Creek has grown from rich rural roots to what is one of the most innovatively planned family-friendly home towns in our country. The town has already adopted countless award-winning plans designed to accelerate future growth, planning, and land use.